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School Shootings since Sandy Hook

Jan. 1, 2013 through June 30, 2015

Between the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on Dec. 14, 2012 and June 30, 2015, there were 122 school shootings. This list includes each instance of a gun being discharged on school property according to information from Everytown for Gun Safety’s “School Shootings in America since Sandy Hook,” which was then investigated further for accuracy and additional information. Six shootings listed by Everytown were excluded because we could not verify a gun was discharged on school property. 

Below the infographic, find a detailed list with information about each of the 122 school shootings.


 DateLocationCity & StateKilledInjuredAgeGenderType of ShootingWeaponsStatus
1Jan. 8, 2013Apostolic Revival Center Christian SchoolFort Myers, FL10??assaultunknownshooter unidentified
2Jan. 14, 2013Taft Union High SchoolTaft, CA0216Massault12-gauge shotgunarrested
Notes: An administrator persuaded the shooter to put down his gun before police arrived on scene.
3Jan. 15, 2013Stevens Institute of Business & ArtsSt. Louis, MO0134MassaultKel-Tec 9mm semi-automatic pistol with its serial number filed offarrested
Notes: The shooter, a student, shot a financial aid officer. He then shot and wounded himself before law enforcement arrived.
4Jan. 15, 2013Hazard Community and Technical CollegeHazard, KY2121Massaultsemi-automatic pistolturned himself in to police
Notes: One of the murder victims shared a child with the shooter. The two met to exchange the child for visitation.
5Jan. 15, 2013Chicago State UniversityChicago, IL1032
assaultunknownboth arrested
Notes: The shooting began with a brawl after a high school basketball game while the teams were shaking hands.
6Jan. 22, 2013Lone Star College North Harris CampusHouston, TX0322Massaulthandgunarrested
Notes: A personal dispute began when two young men bumped into each other in the doorway of a classroom building and escalated when the shooter pulled his gun and fired at least 10 shots. The shooter accidentally shot himself in the hip.
7Jan. 31, 2013Price Middle SchoolAtlanta, GA0115Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The shooting began with a gang dispute, although it is not clear whether the victim was involved with a gang or was the intended target. An armed resource officer (an off-duty Atlanta police officer) disarmed the student.
8Feb. 1, 2013Morehouse CollegeAtlanta, GA0122Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The shooting stemmed from an argument following a pick-up basketball game at the gym.
9Feb. 7, 2013Indian River State College Treasure Coast Public SafetyFort Pierce, FL0119Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The incident began with reports of a man brandishing a gun while driving a green truck and a subsequent hit-and-run before he ended up on the college campus where police confronted him.
10Feb. 13, 2013Hillside Elementary SchoolSan Leandro, CA1020Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: Incident began because the victim refused to pay the shooter $5 after a dice game.
 DateLocationCity & StateKilledInjuredAgeGenderType of ShootingWeaponsStatus
11Feb. 27, 2013Henry W. Grady High SchoolAtlanta, GA0017Faccidentpink .380 caliber handgunarrested
Notes: The shooter shot herself in the thigh by accident.
12Mar. 18, 2013University of Central FloridaOrlando, FL0030MassaultAmerican Tactical .22 caliber assault rifle; High Point .45 caliber handgun; high capacity magazines, including a drum magazine and 4 homemade IEDs with shrapnelcommitted suicide before shooting anyone or police arrived
Notes: The shooter threatened his roommate with the rifle but the roommate fled and called police. A “to-do list” of the shooter’s for that night included getting drunk at a bar and then pulling the fire alarm before “give ’em hell.”
13Mar. 21, 2013Davidson Middle SchoolSouthgate, MI0013Msuicide.40 caliber glockthe 13-year-old committed suicide
Notes: No plans for a mass shooting were uncovered.
14Apr. 12, 2013New River Community College, Satellite CampusChristiansburg, VA0222Massaultshotgunkilled by law enforcement officers
Notes: The shooter was detained by an off-duty security guard as the shooter attempted to flee before being apprehended by police.
15Apr. 13, 2013Elizabeth City State UniversityElizabeth City, NC01??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
Notes: Shots were also fired on campus on Apr. 11, 2013 but the incidents seemed to be unrelated and no one was injured or killed in the Apr. 11 incident.
16Apr. 15, 2013Grambling State UniversityGrambling, LA03??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
Notes: The shooting began with a fight outside of a dorm.
17Apr. 29, 2013La Salle High SchoolCincinnati, OH0017Mattempted suicide.45 caliber semi-automatic handguntaken to the hospital
Notes: The student attempted suicide in his first period computer lab with about 24 other students present.
18June 7, 2013Santa Monica College
(& a residence)
Santa Monica, CA5423Massaulthandgunkilled by law enforcement officers
Notes: The shooter shot his father and brother before carjacking a vehicle and forcing the driver to take him to the college, allowing the driver to leave once there but shooting more people.
19June 19, 2013Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the ArtsWest Palm Beach, FL20??assaultunidentifiedsuspect sought
Notes: The victims were both custodians at the school, as was the person of interest.
20Aug. 20, 2013Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning AcademyDecatur, GA0020MassaultAK-47arrested
Notes: The shooter also had 498 rounds of ammunition. He exchanged gunfire with police but no one was injured or killed.
 DateLocationCity & StateKilledInjuredAgeGenderType of ShootingWeaponsStatus
21Aug. 22, 2013Westside Elementary SchoolMemphis, TN005Maccidenthandgunn/a
Notes: The parents were indicted on reckless endangerment charges. The child’s 8-year-old sister previously found the gun. Then the 5-year-old found the gun and took it to school in his backpack where it discharged in the cafeteria.
22Aug. 23, 2013North Panola High SchoolSardis, MS1017
Notes: The victim was shot in the chest in a gunfight between rival gangs at a high school football game. It is unclear if the victims was a gang member. The shooting reportedly preceded a shooting at neighboring Green Hill Elementary School the same night but information on the latter shooting could not be confirmed.
23Aug. 30, 2013Carver High SchoolWinston-Salem, NC0118Massault.38 caliber handgunarrested
24Sep. 21, 2013Savannah State UniversitySavannah, GA10??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
25Sep. 28, 2013New Gloucester High SchoolGray, ME0019Msuicideunidentifiedsuicide
Notes: The 19-year-old committed suicide in the school parking lot on a Saturday afternoon while several athletics events were taking place. The man was not a student but was allegedly in a relationship with one of the competing athletes on campus at the time.
26Oct. 4, 2013Agape Christian AcademyPine Hills, FL02??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
Notes: The shooting appeared to be part of an ongoing dispute with a 16-year-old as the target and a 17-year-old hit as a bystander.
27Oct. 15, 2013Lanier High SchoolAustin, TX0016Msuicideunidentifiedsuicide
Notes: The student committed suicide at lunch time.
28Oct. 21, 2014Sparks Middle SchoolSparks, NV1212Massaulthandgunsuicide
Notes: The student committed suicide before law enforcement arrived.
29Nov. 2, 2013North Carolina A&T State UniversityGreensboro, NC01??assaultunidentifiedsuspects sought
Notes: The police were looking for four unnamed suspects. The shots came from a “considerable distance” during homecoming weekend celebrations.
30Nov. 3, 2013Stephenson High SchoolStone Mountain, GA01??assaultunidentifiedsuspects sought
Notes: An unidentified group of students from another school were apparently trespassing and started an altercation that resulted in the trespassing students shooting a football player.
 DateLocationCity & StateKilledInjuredAgeGenderType of ShootingWeaponsStatus
31Nov. 21, 2013South Dakota School of Mines & TechnologyRapid City, SD0037Msuicideunidentifiedsuicide
Notes: The man was an Assistant Professor of Physics at the college.
32Dec. 4, 2013West Orange High SchoolWinter Garden, FL0117Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The shooting followed a fight while school was being dismissed for the day.
33Dec. 13, 2013Arapahoe High SchoolCentennial, CO1018Massaultshotgun, machete, & 3 Molotov cocktailssuicide
Notes: The shooter committed suicide when a school resource officer approached him.
34Dec. 19, 2013Edison High SchoolFresno, CA0117
Notes: Police suspect the 4 teenagers were completing a gang initiation. They shot the teacher on school property after beating a 62-year-old woman on the street.
35Jan. 9, 2014Liberty Technology Magnet High SchoolJackson, TN0116Massaulthandgun with altered serial numbersarrested
Notes: The shooting followed a fight while school was being dismissed for the day.
36Jan. 14, 2015Berrendo Middle SchoolRoswell, NM0212Massaultsawed-off shotgundetained
Notes: The shooting happened before school while children waited in the heated gym during cold weather. A staff member asked the shooter to put down the gun and the shooter complied. A state police lieutenant dropping off his own child helped detain the shooter after that.
37Jan. 17, 2015Delaware Valley Charter High SchoolPhiladelphia, PA0217Massaulthandgunarrested
Notes: An 18-year-old man purchased the gun from an unidentified man and then passed the gun to the shooter, who as a guest of the school did not have to go through the metal detectors. It was rumored that the shooter would be the victim of an assault after school and police think that may have been the motive for bringing the gun to campus.
38Jan. 20, 2014Widener UniversityChester, PA01?Massaultpolice believe a revolver was usedshooter unidentified
Notes: The victim, a student football player, was shot in the head and shoulder while sitting in his car outside the athletics complex. Police do not believe the shooting was random.
39Jan. 21, 2014Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette, IN1023Massaultunidentifiedshooter turned himself in to police
Notes: The shooter walked into a basement classroom and shot the teaching assistant (TA).
40Jan. 24, 2014South Carolina State UniversityOrangeburg, SC1019Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The shooting occurred after an argument in a residence hall. The shooter was convicted and sentenced to 65 years. He committed suicide in prison on Oct. 28, 2014.
 DateLocationCity & StateKilledInjuredAgeGenderType of ShootingWeaponsStatus
41Jan. 27, 2014Rebound High SchoolCarbondale, IL0118Massaulthandgunarrested
Notes: The shooter shot the father of another student.
42Jan. 28, 2014Tennessee State UniversityNashville, TN01??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
Notes: The victim and shooter were arguing about a gambling debt following a basketball game.
43Jan. 31, 2014Cesar Chavez High SchoolPhoenix, AZ0023
Notes: A gang rivalry over turf turned into a gun battle at a basketball game.
44Jan. 31, 2014North High SchoolDes Moines, IA01??assaultunidentifiedshooters unidentified
Notes: A 15-year-old girl was shot and wounded in the parking lot following a basketball game. Witnesses saw a black SUV with six to 10 male passengers and said the gunshots came from the vehicle.
45Feb. 7, 2014Bend High SchoolBend, OR0017Msuicideunidentifiedsuicide
Notes: The 17-year-old committed suicide in a modular classroom where other students were present.
46Feb. 10, 2014Salisbury High SchoolSalisbury, NC0117Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The shooting seems to have stemmed from a fight that occurred over the weekend.
47Feb. 11, 2014Brush High SchoolLyndhurst, OH0017
Notes: The two shooters may have fired shots at an 18-year-old over a dispute about a girl.
48Feb. 12, 2014Union UniversityJackson, TN1021Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The shooter killed his fiancée and then staged the scene in a campus parking lot to make it look like a suicide.
49Feb. 20, 2014Raytown Success AcademyRaytown, MD1042Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The shooter said he killed the victim (a 20-year-old man) because the younger man supposedly had a relationship with the shooter’s wife. The victim had children enrolled in the school and the shooting took place in the parking lot.
50Mar. 2, 2014McDaniel CollegeWestminster, MD00??assaulthandgunshooters unidentified
Notes: Eyewitnesses said two males were the shooters.
 DateLocationCity & StateKilledInjuredAgeGenderType of ShootingWeaponsStatus
51Mar. 7, 2014Madison High SchoolTallulah, LA0017MassaultAK-47; .45 caliber handgun; .22 caliber handgun; additional magazines; 12-inch knifearrested
Notes: The student was charged with possessing a weapon in a prohibited place and making a terroristic threat.
52Mar. 8, 2014University of Wisconsin at OshkoshOshkosh, WI00??assaulthandgunshooter unidentified
Notes: The shot was fired at a school dance. Police were looking for a male suspect.
53Mar. 21, 2014University of DelawareNewark, DE0020Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The shooting occurred after an altercation on a basketball court.
54Apr. 3, 2014Kent State UniversityKent, OH0024Maccidentunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The shooter took out the gun and accidentally shot himself in the hand during an argument with two women.
55Apr. 11, 2014East English Preparatory AcademyDetroit, MI01??assaultunidentifiedshooters unidentified
Notes: Police believe the shooters were likely gang members but do not believe the victim was targeted. Shots were fired into the crowd at an awards ceremony for high school seniors and their families.
56Apr. 16, 2014Stillman CollegeTuscaloosa, AL0122Massaultsmall caliber handgunarrested
Notes: The shooting began with a fight over an unpaid betting debt.
57Apr. 21, 2014St. Mary Catholic SchoolGriffith, IN10?Massaultunidentifiedsuicide
Notes: The shooter killed his estranged wife in the school parking lot where she was waiting with their 16-year-old daughter for their 14-year-old son to finish an after-school program. He committed suicide when police arrived.
58Apr. 21, 2014Provo High SchoolProvo, UT0014Mattempted suicide.22 caliber pistoltaken to the hospital
Notes: The shooter attempted to commit suicide but failed. He called the police himself and was taken to the hospital with relatively minor injuries. There seem to have been no witnesses.
59Apr. 16, 2014Iowa Western Community CollegeCouncil Bluffs, IA01??assaultunidentifiedshooters unidentified
Notes: Two students arranged to meet a man to sell an unidentified item. At the meeting place, a car with three unknown men drove up and the two of the men got into the car with the students. One of the men pulled a gun and one student thought it was fake and tried to take it away from the unknown man, causing the gun to fire and shoot the student in the shoulder.
60May 2, 2014Marquette UniversityMilwaukee, WI0120
Notes: The shooting was connected to three robberies and took place in a parking garage.
 DateLocationCity & StateKilledInjuredAgeGenderType of ShootingWeaponsStatus
61May 3, 2014Horizon Elementary SchoolEverett, WA01??assaultunknownshooters unidentified
Notes: The shooting occurred after an argument on a basketball court. Police were not certain the shooting was gang-related but other gang-related shootings occurred close by.
62May 4, 2014Paine CollegeAugusta, GA01??assaultunknownshooter unidentified
Notes: The shooter fired into a dorm.
63May 5, 2014Paine CollegeAugusta, GA0120Massaultunknownarrested
Notes: The victim was shot in the head in the administration building.
64May 8, 2014Georgetown CollegeGeorgetown, KY0124Maccidentsemi-automatic pistolarrested
Notes: The gun was fired accidentally and hit a football player in the leg.
65May 8, 2014Georgia Gwinnett CollegeLawrenceville, GA01?Msuspected suicide attemptunidentifiedunknown
66May 21, 2014Clark Street SchoolMilwaukee, WI0128
Notes: A 10-year old girl was on the school playground and caught in the crossfire between the two shooters.
67June 5, 2014Seattle Pacific UniversitySeattle, WA1426Massaultshotgun and knifearrested
Notes: A student building monitor and several other students subdued the shooter with pepper spray, disarmed, and held him until police arrived.
68June 10, 2014Reynolds High SchoolTroutdale, OR1115MassaultAR-15 rifle; semi-automatic handgun; nine loaded magazines; a large knifesuicide
Notes: The victim walked into the locker room where the shooter was outfitting himself with a vest to hold the magazines, a helmet, and taking the AR-15 from his guitar case.
69June 23, 2014Kelly High SchoolBenton, MO10?Maccident2 firearmsshooter unidentified
Notes: Four teen boys were playing basketball at the school and were going to ride home in the truck of one of the boys’ grandfather, which contained two firearms. One of the boys passed the gun to the victim and the gun accidentally discharged, killing the victim.
70June 27, 2014University of MiamiMiami, FL0035Fassaultunidentifiedarrested
Note: The shooter identifies as female but was identified as male on her driver’s license. The shooter had an altercation with an employee in the University’s Communications Department building. Apparently the two had recently broken up and the shooter intended to kill the victim. The two struggled and the gun discharged.
 DateLocationCity & StateKilledInjuredAgeGenderType of ShootingWeaponsStatus
71Aug. 13, 2014Heather Ridge High SchoolFredrick, MD0016
Notes: The two shooters shot at each other. They have no known connection to the school and no one else was present at the school at the time of the shooting.
72Aug. 14, 2014Saunders ElementaryNewport News. VA2117Massault12-gauge shotgunarrested
Notes: Police did not identify a motive. The shooter shot three teenagers on school property. One of the injured teenagers fled to a house where police were called.
73Sep. 2, 2014Idaho State UniversityPocatello, ID00?Maccidentsmall caliber semi-automatic handguntaken to the hospital
Notes: The shooter, a professor, was teaching while carrying his permitted concealed gun. The gun accidentally discharged, shooting him in the foot. 20 students were present in the classroom.
74Sep. 5, 2014Savannah State UniversitySavannah, GA0218Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: According to witnesses, the shooter attempted an armed robbery of a dorm room.
75Sep. 10, 2014Greenwood Lakes Middle SchoolLake Mary, FL0014Msuicide.40-caliber pistolsuicide
Notes: The 14-year-old’s body was found in the bathroom at 11pm. It is unclear when he committed suicide.
76Sep. 11, 2014Westbrook Elementary SchoolTaylorsville, UT00?Faccident9mm handguncharged
Notes: The shooter, a sixth-grade teacher, was injured when the concealed gun she was carrying accidentally discharged while she was using the faculty restroom. She had placed the gun on the toilet paper dispenser and the bullet shattered the toilet, sending shards of the toilet and bullet fragments into her leg. The incident occurred before school hours. She was charged with violating the concealed carry laws that require educators to have concealed weapons on their person at all times when on a school campus.
77Sep. 24, 2014Joel C. Harris AcademySan Antonio, TX0012
accident.22-caliber handgun loaded with blanksdetained
Notes: The 14-year-old boy asked the 12-year-old boy to hold the gun for him. The 12-year-old boy put the gun in his backpack. The weapon discharged when the 12-year-old boy put his backpack down on a table.
78Sep. 26, 2014Tennessee State UniversityNashville, TN0???assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
Notes: The shooting occurred around 9pm.
79Sep. 27, 2014Tennessee State UniversityNashville, TN02??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
Notes: The shooting occurred around 3:30am in a dorm.
80Sep. 29, 2014Indiana State UniversityTerre Haute, IN0121Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The motive for the shooting seemed to be gambling.
 DateLocationCity & StateKilledInjuredAgeGenderType of ShootingWeaponsStatus
81Sep. 30, 2014Albermarle High SchoolAlbermarle, NC01?Massaultunidentifiedturned himself in
Notes: The shooter and the victim had been having an argument for a few days leading up to the shooting. After the shooting, the shooter dropped the weapon, walked to the front office, and turned himself in to the school’s resource officer.
82Sep. 30, 2014Fern High SchoolLouisville, KY0116Massaultunidentifiedarrested
83Oct. 3, 2014Langston Hughes High SchoolFairburn, GA1018
assaultunidentified1 arrested; the other was being sought by police
Notes: The shooting happened after the homecoming football game.
84Oct. 8, 2014Elizabeth City State UniversityElizabeth City, NC0024Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: Shots were fired near the outdoor classroom at the center of campus and were the result of an argument with another student. The shooter said he “fired a warning shot.”
85Oct. 13, 2014Tennessee State UniversityNashville, TN00??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
Notes: Shots were fired in the parking lot of a dorm.
86Oct. 18, 2014Langston UniversityLangston, OK01??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
87Oct. 21, 2014A. Maceo Walker Middle SchoolMemphis TN0013Maccidentunidentifiedtaken to hospital
Notes: The boy brought a loaded gun to school and, when he was going to show off the gun to the other kids, dropped his backpack and the gun inside discharged.
88Oct. 24, 2014Marysville-Pilchuck High SchoolMarysville, WA1415Massaultunidentifiedcommitted suicide
Notes: Allegedly, the shooter and another boy had an argument about a girl. The girl was one of the injured victims.
89Nov. 3, 2014Delaware State UniversityDover, DE01??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
90Nov. 20, 2014Florida State UniversityTallahassee, FL1331Massaulthandgunkilled by law enforcement officers
Notes: The shooter opened fire in the library.
 DateLocationCity & StateKilledInjuredAgeGenderType of ShootingWeaponsStatus
91Nov. 23, 2014St. John’s CollegeAnnapolis, MD01??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
Notes: A 17-year-old girl was shot near a private party for a 15-year-old on St. John’s campus.
92Dec. 5, 2014Rogers State UniversityClaremore, OK0038Massaultunidentifiedcommitted suicide
Notes: The shooter fired shots into a classroom building when he saw a woman he knew. The shooter was a former Tulsa police officer.
93Dec. 16, 2014Sunnyside Elementary SchoolPittsburgh, PA10??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
Notes: The victim was found dead in a car in the campus parking lot by a student’s grandfather who was waiting for the child after school. It seems the shooting happened overnight and the victim went unnoticed until school dismissal.
94Dec. 17, 2014Benton Elementary SchoolWaterville, ME0041Massault.38 caliber handguncommitted suicide
Notes: The shooter seemed to under the influence of a number of unidentified drugs (syringes, prescriptions, and a half of a bottle of cough syrup were found in the car.
95Jan. 15, 205Wisconsin Lutheran High SchoolMilwaukee, WI0237Massault.38 caliber handgunarrested
Notes: Two female students were in a fight at a basketball game and escorted out of the building to the parking lot where the fight continued. The father of one of the girls shot the father of the other girl and injured a teacher who was trying to break up the fight.
96Jan. 16, 2015Vanguard High SchoolOcala, FL02??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
Notes: The shooter opened fire at a basketball game, injuring two women in the parking lot.
97Jan. 20, 2015Williamson High SchoolMobile, AL01??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
Notes: The shooting happened during a fight that broke out during a basketball game.
98Jan. 23, 2015Royal Live Oaks AcademyHardeeville, SC00minorMassaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The shooter was with two adult men who also had guns and who were arrested on weapons charges. The shooter discharged the weapon into the air near woods by a soccer field.
99Jan. 26, 2015Hand in Hand Christian Montessori SchoolRoseville, MN0048Massaultunidentifiedcommitted suicide
Notes” The shooter fired one shot into the school before committing suicide in the parking lot.
100Feb. 2, 2015Minnesota State UniversityMankato, MN0027Msuicideunidentifiedcommitted suicide
Notes: The shooter committed suicide in the library when campus public safety officers arrived.
 DateLocationCity & StateKilledInjuredAgeGenderType of ShootingWeaponsStatus
101Feb. 4, 2015Frederick High SchoolFrederick, MD0221
assault.38-mm handgunarrested
Notes: The shooters shot the two victims in the parking lot while a JV basketball game was in progress.
102Feb. 5, 2015University of South CarolinaColumbia, SC1046Fassaulthandguncommitted suicide
Notes: The victim, a professor, was shot by his ex-wife.
103Feb. 15, 2015University of GeorgiaAthens, GA0021Massaultsemi-automatic handgunarrested
Notes: The shooter aimed the gun at two fellow fraternity members and fired a shot in the air.
104Feb. 15, 2015Lawson Elementary SchoolLittle Rock, AR0262Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The shooting took place in the parking lot. The two victims were allegedly related to the shooter.
105Feb. 15, 2015Tenaya Middle SchoolMerced, CA10??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
Notes: The victim was found shot to death in the parking lot.
106Feb. 23, 2015Bethune-Cookman UniversityDaytona Beach, FL0321
assaultunidentifiedarrested; the second shooter was unidentified
Notes: A confrontation between two men led to gunfire.
107Apr. 2, 2015Community College of Beaver CountyBeaver Fall, PA0021Maccidentunidentified?
Notes: The shooter accidentally shot himself in the leg in the parking lot while clearing his gun of ammunition to leave the gun in the car while he went to class.
108Apr. 2, 2015Lane CollegeJackson, TN0119Massault9mm handgunarrested
109Apr. 4, 2015Everett Community CollegeEverett, WA00?Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The shooter fired a shot, damaging a building.
110Apr. 13, 2015Wayne Community CollegeGoldsboro, NC1020Massaultpistol-grip shotgunarrested
Notes: The shooter had been fired from the campus print shop as part of a work-study. He returned and killed his supervisor whom the shooter accused of sexually molesting his younger brother.
 DateLocationCity & StateKilledInjuredAgeGenderType of ShootingWeaponsStatus
111Apr. 17, 2015Seguin High SchoolSeguin, TX0018Msuicideunidentifiedcommitted suicide
112Apr. 19, 2015Johnson C. Smith UniversityCharlotte, NC0121
assault3 unidentified gunsarrested
Notes: The shooters were on campus to attend a party but were not admitted because they were not students.
113Apr. 22, 2015Ruthe Deskin Elementary SchoolLas Vegas, NV0011Maccident.45 caliber handgun and a BB gunarrested
Notes: The gun was discharged from the boy’s backpack in a classroom with other children present.
114Apr. 27, 2015North Thurston High SchoolLacey, WA0016Massaultunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The shooter fired several shots without injuring anyone. Police speculated that the student may have wanted to be shot and killed by the school’s resource officer. A teacher tackled the student and other staff members helped disarm and detain the student.
115May 4, 2015Willow Elementary SchoolCleveland, OH11??assaultunidentifiedshooter unidentified
116May 5, 2015Conyers Middle SchoolConyers, GA0014Maccidentunidentifiedarrested
Notes: The shooter brought the gun to school with a single bullet. Police do not believe he intended to harm anyone.
117May 12, 2015Corona del Sol High SchoolTempe, AZ0018Msuicideunidentifiedcommitted suicide
118May 20, 2015Robinson High SchoolRobinson, TX0018Msuicideunidentifiedcommitted suicide
119May 24, 2015Flint Southwestern Classical AcademyFlint, MI0718
Notes: The shooting occurred around 2am in the school’s parking lot.
120May 27, 2015Everglades City SchoolEverglades City, FL01??assaultunidentifiedshooter in custody
121June 4, 2015South Macon Elementary SchoolFranklin, NC0038
assault5 gunsarrested
Notes: The shooters shot and stabbed a cat first. A bus driver saw them and confronted them. The pair told officers that they intended to shoot children and teachers.
122June 23, 2015Fort Calhoun Elementary SchoolFort Calhoun, NE0035
 DateLocationCity & StateKilledInjuredAgeGenderType of ShootingWeaponsStatus

*Victim counts do not include the shooter.



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