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Pro to the question "Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?"

“With approximately 30,000 men, women and children dying each year at the barrel of a gun in elementary schools, movie theaters, workplaces, houses of worship and on live television, the United States faces a public health crisis of gun violence… Our AMA ‘recognizes that uncontrolled ownership and use of firearms, especially handguns, is a serious threat to the public’s health inasmuch as the weapons are one of the main causes of intentional and unintentional injuries and deaths.’ AMA policy supports legislation calling for a waiting period before purchasing any form of firearm in the U.S., and supports requiring background checks for all handgun purchasers.

Moreover, AMA policy supports stricter enforcement of present federal and state gun safety legislation, and the imposition of mandated penalties for crimes committed with the use of a firearm, including the illegal possession of a firearm.”

American Medical Association, “AMA Calls Gun Violence ‘A Public Health Crisis;’ Will Actively Lobby Congress to Lift Ban on CDC Gun Violence Research,’, June 14, 2016


“A vision for a healthier nation. Improving the health of the nation is at the core of the AMA’s work to enhance the delivery of care and enable physicians and health teams to partner with patients to achieve better health for all.”

“Strategic Focus,” (accessed June 16, 2016)


“To promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.”

“AMA Mission & Guiding Principles,” (accessed June 16, 2016)

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