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Gabrielle Giffords, MRP Biography

Cofounder of Americans for Responsible Solutions and Former US Representative (D-AZ)
Pro to the question "Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?"

“We need a comprehensive approach: a surge in mental health services, mental health ‘first aid’ programs to identify and intervene in problems before it’s too late, and a background check system that will stop the most dangerous among us from buying guns, by getting records in the system and closing the Internet and gun-show loopholes…

We have done our homework, and the numbers don’t lie: From Texas to New Hampshire and everywhere in between, we know that support for policies such as expanded background checks continue to be popular in both parties. Gun owners and non-gun owners alike agree on expanding background checks, making gun trafficking a serious crime with stiff penalties, making it illegal for all stalkers and all domestic abusers to buy guns, and expanding mental health resources so the mentally ill find it easier to receive treatment than to buy firearms.”

“Giffords: Fight Back against Political Cowardice,”, Apr. 16, 2014

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Cofounder, Americans for Responsible Solutions, 2013-present
  • US Representative (D-AZ), Jan. 3, 2007-Jan. 25, 2012
  • Arizona State Senator, 2003-2005
  • Arizona State Representative, 2001-2003
  • Former President and CEO, El Campo Tire
  • Former Urban Planner
  • Education:
  • MRP (Masters of Regional Planning), Cornell University, 1996
  • BA, Latin American History and Sociology, Scripps College, 1993
  • Other:
  • Twitter handle is @GabbyGiffords
  • Married to retired astronaut and cofounder of Americans for Responsible Solutions, Mark Kelly
  • Shot in the head at near point-blank range in a Tucson, AZ mass shooting on Jan. 8, 2011 during which six other people were killed.
  • Quoted in:
    Pro & Con Quotes: Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted in the United States?