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Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted in the United States?

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  • +90 +209 -119 John Brown Jun. 26, 2015
    "There are a large number of different types of "gun control" some are common sense, and others are a very bad idea for a number of reasons.

    If someone is mentally ill - NO GUN
    If someone has been convicted of a violent felony - NO GUN
    Child Safety Locks - Great Idea
    Closing the gun show loophole - Great Idea
    Require proper and safe gun storage - Great Idea

    The rest gets sketchy. I for one, do not want the government to have a list of gun owners. That just makes it too easy for a future government to round up our guns.

    I do not support assault weapons bans or high capacity magazine bans.

    I support open and concealed carry.

    By the way, I am not a conservative or a Republican"
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    • +4 +8 -4 Grant Snyder Feb. 1, 2016
      "What about a WW2 veteran that has slight ADHD problem ad can control him self. He should be claered to own a gun"
    • +1 +3 -2 Ross Nov. 3, 2016
      "I do agree with you, however there are many people who have a mental illness and feel like they shouldn't be withheld that right to own a weapon. That is classifying people, and from what everyone has seen, others don't like that. Perhaps instead of restricting things from all people it grows simpler, no guns in a hospital, jail, government house, or mental hospital. That way people that aren't in mental hospitals can use their gun. Also, a background check should be put down for when you're buying a gun (I don't know if they already do this, I do not own a gun) that way if you've ever been In a mental hospital or in jail for a MAJOR act, you are denied one for public safety and safety of yourself."
  • +17 +64 -47 Ryan Dukes Nov. 24, 2015
    "This is for number 15. An AR-15 is not a military rifle. It is also not called the M16 by the Air Force. The gun that person was thinking of was the M4, which is still a different gun than the M16. Almost all of the information for that example is entirely false. Those guns will also not "shred your venison" because the three guns I mentioned fire the 5.56 NATO (2.23) round. That is actually a low caliber round compared to a lot of hunting rifles."
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    • 0 +1 -1 9th Grader Dec. 1, 2016
      "I agree 2.23 is a small caliber that doesn't mean that it cant hurt someone serverely"
  • +15 +56 -41 Chad Gardner Jan. 15, 2016
    "i think that people have rights to have guns for protection and for any hurting situation where they could use the gun."
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  • +5 +16 -11 Nene13743 Jan. 16, 2017
    "Guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people. This is a true fact, and I believe in it. A gun laying there is no danger whatsoever, but if someone picked it up and shot it, that is dangerous. "I believe that many people have guns, and follow the laws of the nation, but criminals will not. If we make more laws about gun control, more background checks will be done, and anyone with evidence of criminality, or being unwillingly taken into a mental institute, will be undergone with more in-depth checks. If gun control laws are put into order, the United States could be in less danger, even if criminals don't follow the laws."
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  • +2 +25 -23 Meow Oct. 31, 2016
    "Guns can be banned.
    Laws can be stricter.
    But people need to change."
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    • 0 0 0 REXY May. 10, 2017
      "stricter laws have an outcome of a much higher murder rate like in Detroit, chicago ect..."
  • 0 0 0 Plzdvm Oct. 9, 2017
    "Well you can't confiscate 300 million guns, no law will control their use, but limiting the availability of ammunition over time will curtail their popularity and every bullet like we do cigarettes...only a few rich people will be able to afford an arsenal, not roo many of them and they're not the usual suspects...over time through attrition we will reduce gun violence...."
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  • 0 +78 -78 Common Sense Jun. 19, 2015
    "Of course there should be more gun control laws. No guns for mentally ill. Yes to universal background checks. Yes to child safety locks. Yes to federal database of gun ownership. All that said, yes we should be allowed to own guns. Of course we should. Responsible adults should be able to buy/use guns."
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    • +3 +5 -2 common outdoorsman Nov. 18, 2015
      "when you use things such as background checks including name, addresses, and mental health anyone now has access to all of that and if they were to use it they nowhave your address and your name. Earlier this year someone had hacked and stole credit card numbers from target and home depot. How long exactly would it take someone with that skill to get into those background checks. granted you should use some sort of it to check mental health, but you should not be able to find that persons address, name, or whatever else that may be on it. I personaly think that checking mental health and criminal history should be checked, but not all of thier personal information"
    • 0 +2 -2 Joe Feb. 9, 2016
      "Even if there were more gun laws that will not stop certain people from getting ahold of guns. If these people with a "mental illness" want to get their hands on a gun then they will. The gun laws will not change that."
    • 0 +3 -3 J.B. Nov. 9, 2015
      "Evidently Some grownups are not responsible enough, where are these children getting these weapons from? Some get them from home. RESPONSIBLE ADULTS ??"
    • -1 0 -1 Amy Dec. 12, 2016
      "Yes, but not everyone that would work at a gun shop anywhere would know that, right? Like you said, responsible adults, it's the people, not guns."
  • -2 +1 -3 Dylan Jul. 13, 2017
    "I believe gun control laws should exist. Where gun control laws are in place, there is a very love murder rate, which has been proven by many statistic based studies. Many people argue guns can be used for protection, but there are a significant amount of scenarios in which they cannot be used for protection. If the access to a gun could cause fatalities then there should gun control laws in place."
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  • -3 +2 -5 gabriel Apr. 3, 2017
    "yes because so you can protect your family"
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  • -4 +12 -16 ??Ten-nin Dec. 5, 2016
    "Thomas Jefferson (Letter to James Madison): "On receiving it, [the Constitution], I wrote strongly to Mr. Madison, urging the want of provision for...the substitution of militia for a standing army..." He wrote that the 2nd amendment should to keep the right of state controlled militias over a standing country wide army, nothing about owning a gun for your own purpose. ?I'm not saying all guns should be banned, but at least very hard to get. You look at places like Japan and you realize they have extremely lower gun homicide and suicide rates. In Japan it is really hard to get a gun because they do a background check on not just you, but your whole family to make sure they aren't mentally ill, something Americans would never do even if it were an amendment in the constitution."
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  • -4 +9 -13 Private Number Nov. 28, 2016
    "It is predicted that within this century that due to the ever increasing population that most, if not every, government with turn into some for a totalitarian government. By that point it won't matter who has gun control. Most likely in that situation all guns will be taken away and given to the military and defense, and not the general public. But until then, we shouldn't do that job by killing off ourselves with guns and wait for our future autocratic leader to do it. *cough, cough, D.T., cough cough*"
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  • -7 +9 -16 Private Nov. 21, 2016
    "If anything there needs to be some major reforms to the way gun control is handled. I'm practically clinically insane, don't ever show it in public, and I could buy an assault rifle and shoot up an orphanage just because they didn't do an extensive background check. I could even do it at a gun show or online because they don't care who you are. Many anti-gun control law supporters are saying that guns don't kill. For that, I want them to consider that having a gun sitting around on a table to see if it magically shoots somebody on its own, or if a human has to use it to shoot somebody in a normal situation. Basically, if you bring up the guns don't kill thing or the 2nd amendment, I will dismiss anything you say about them as bias and/or false, as should the sensible citizens of the nation."
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  • -7 +40 -47 Bill Jan. 24, 2016
    "There are some real gun nuts on YouTube. I ran across this video of a guy in a cowboy hit showing off his AK-47. He is a walking advertisement for gun control."
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    • -1 0 -1 Mason Feb. 1, 2017
      "I highly dout that, unless you are talking about an ISIS member."
  • -8 +4 -12 Atonimyus Mar. 21, 2017
    "Having the government take care of the guns and ridding them is the best idea (in my opinion)."
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  • -8 +4 -12 anonymous Dec. 1, 2016
    ""With approximately 30,000 men, women and children dying each year at the barrel of a gun in elementary schools, movie theaters, workplaces, houses of worship and on live television, the United States faces a public health crisis of gun violence... Our AMA 'recognizes that uncontrolled ownership and use of firearms, especially handguns, is a serious threat to the public's health inasmuch as the weapons are one of the main causes of intentional and unintentional injuries and deaths.' AMA policy supports legislation calling for a waiting period before purchasing any form of firearm in the U.S., and supports requiring background checks for all handgun purchasers."
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  • -8 +17 -25 paul May. 23, 2016
    "Mainly for protection:)"
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  • -8 +17 -25 todd s Apr. 4, 2016
    "If your car needs to be registered, why shouldn't your guns? If all guns were registered, then someone would be the owner. If the gun is used in a crime, that someone would at least be the first place to look. The law should be changed to put the responsibility on the owner of record. When someone sells a gun, a transfer of ownership document is filled out and submitted to the [needs to be established] registry. Additionally, if you want to own a gun or 100 guns you must pass a background check and be certified to own a gun(s). Once certified, you may own as many guns as you like so long as they are properly registered. Transaction level background checks are stupid. You can only buy or sell guns to other certified persons or entities (like gun shops). Like a passport, you would need to re-certify every 10 years. There would need to be stiff penalties for non-compliance to include confiscation, fines and if the gun is used in a crime and was not legally reported lost, sold, stolen, or destroyed, then you would be charged with whatever the crime was that was committed with the gun. This would probably compel most gun owners to lock up their guns or risk running afoul of the law. Guns are the owners responsibility."
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    • -1 0 -1 Nicholas T. Nov. 7, 2016
      "Hey buddy I want you to think about something when you buy a gun it is registered in your name and when in a murder happens you cant tell by the bullet who it is registered to you can go to a gun shop and look at the certain model it was shot out of but hundreds of people own the same model of gun and it will be mostly impossible to find out who did it but the damn bullet so please dont be leave everything you see on t.v."
  • -9 +8 -17 Quack Jan. 27, 2017
    "how does a mentally ill man/men get an military-grade gun. Look at happened at sandy hook , fort lauderdale , virginia tech. STOP SHOOTINGS BEFORE IT HAPPENS"
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  • -10 +3 -13 Satan Feb. 6, 2017
    "We need to make more gun control laws because no one deserves to die in vain but we do have our rights to bear arms how ever people die every day by guns and this is just an estimate: over 14,983 people die every week so do see how and why we need more gun control laws"
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  • -10 +3 -13 Democrat With IQ>130 Dec. 13, 2016
    "Imagine what would happen if there were no gun laws at all in every part of the world. Everyday you would see possibly around 3% of the population dying each year due to absolute chaos cause by anti-gun laws not being initiated"
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  • -10 +11 -21 Kira Oct. 23, 2016
    "Gun laws should be stricter because people are getting shot every day. We need to recognize the bad people are doing bad things with these weapons. We need to do something fast."
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    • -1 +1 -2 guy with a conscious Nov. 15, 2016
  • -11 +5 -16 Southern Republican Dec. 12, 2016
    "so I can go and murder orphanages and the gun is to be blamed not me. the gun is the killer. all i did was buy one for dirt cheap with no background check or anything and got the ammo the same day"
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  • -11 +13 -24 Paul May. 23, 2016
    "Mainly for protection, thats why I say yes."
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  • -11 +24 -35 max k Jan. 15, 2016
    "they cant take are guns away like the 2nd amendment says we have the right to bare arms i mean drugs are illegal and there still on the streets we need smarter and more back round checks on people who want guns"
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  • -12 +3 -15 Democrat With IQ>130 Dec. 13, 2016
    "With all these new stand your ground laws, you can easily get away with murder because you feel threatened by somebody else. You could kill somebody because he has a gun and could kill you even if there is no ammo with it and you have seen there's no ammo. Americans are effectively making rules that increase the genocide and homicides in America. They, we, are making it easier for the people who need to be institutionalized to gain access to a firearm so they can shoot up the nearest orphanage, school, or church because they feel threatened by nothing but the fact they exist."
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  • -12 +7 -19 12345678910 May. 20, 2016
    "Yes people are being sued by police or a family if they sell a gun and whoever they sell it to will kill another human"
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  • -12 +20 -32 Ernest Meyer Jan. 15, 2016
    "In conclusion of a year's research on gun control: "Not one of the 3,000 people defending their rights to kill, In arguments over an entire year, said even one kind or sympathetic word for the dead" Tax guns to the hilt."
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  • -13 +16 -29 paul May. 23, 2016
    "guns are awsome!!!!!!!!!"
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    • 0 0 0 Nicholas T. Nov. 7, 2016
      "You are why people want gun control... sorry bud"
  • -14 +14 -28 countrykid3.0 Mar. 16, 2016
    "look at all those teenagers who think its ok to bring weapons to school im a teenager and im not bringing weapons to school just to make me cool i dont bring any because me and my sibilings have been raised by responsible parents"
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    • -1 0 -1 Amy Nov. 22, 2016
      "Well the problem is that not everyone is like you, and has been raised by responsible parents...."
  • -15 +22 -37 gunman Jan. 15, 2016
    "yes we should be able to have gun control for home defense"
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  • -16 +5 -21 PERSON Oct. 23, 2016
    "Yea they should"
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  • -19 +29 -48 Katie Dec. 10, 2015
    "Something needs to be done. Will that stop every instance of gun violence in this country? No. BUT 12,486 people have died from guns this year alone according to so what we are doing now is not working. If we can make it harder for a criminal to do what they are trying to do then that just might save some lives!"
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  • -21 +10 -31 Jaylan L. May. 10, 2016
    "Yes because it shoots people down and hurts there family."
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  • -23 +15 -38 johnny Apr. 15, 2016
    "it should be banned"
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  • -24 +24 -48 Devan Jan. 26, 2016
    "I think that more gun control laws should be added"
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  • -26 +28 -54 Kyle Oct. 29, 2015
    "More guns does not equal less fatalities. Guns should not be available to mentally ill people, and people who have committed crime. If you are a law abiding citizen, you should be allowed to have a gun. Also guns should be sold by the government and gun owners should register. Same thing we do with cars and such."
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    • +1 +1 0 Mason Feb. 1, 2017
      "but that's not how the world works anymore."
  • -26 +33 -59 Miles McKeown Oct. 27, 2015
    "If U see a man walking down the street with an AK47 I would be highly suspicious of that man regardless of his race, because there is no reason to walk down the street with an assault rifle unless you are law enforcement."
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    • +2 +2 0 Matt Ryan Jul. 28, 2016
      "This is very true, i also agree. nobody should need to carry around a assault rifle for the hell of it. I would understand a handgun or a knife but not a damn AK"
  • -30 +15 -45 Audrey C. Jan. 15, 2016
    "We have the right to bear arms but, people have taken it to far. People should not be carrying around assault rifles or pistols. The guns are only for protecting your house, or property. Not just to walk around shooting people. Making it to where NOBODY can have guns will make our world a better peaceful place."
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    • +2 +2 0 Aaron K. Sep. 5, 2016
      "The term "assault rifles" was developed by pro-anti gun legislators. The fact that you call a gun an assault rifle is idiotic. For example, an AR15 is an armalite rifle hence AR, NOT assault rifle. Those are semi-automatic rifles that fire 223. and 5.56 rounds that are quite weak compared to many hunting calibers. Also pistols either concealed or open carry should only be carried by trained professionals or civilians that have undergone training. Those trained personnel will not fire unless fired upon or have positive identification of a shooter. Finally it is much easier to take fire arms from law abiding citizens rather then criminal. If you really think that gun men will just set their guns down and start singing kumbaya, then you are obviously ignorant to the real world. In fact, more concealed carriers would actually help cut down on shooting better that laws."
    • +1 +2 -1 con gun control Feb. 20, 2016
      "Concealed carry is for law-abiding people that do not want gunned down in a parking lot."
    • -1 0 -1 Mason Feb. 1, 2017
      "if only we could do that, but we can't."
    • -1 0 -1 Nene13743 Jan. 31, 2017
      "Gun control is needed! We just can't go around shooting other people. We also have the right to own guns, so THERE!!"
    • -1 0 -1 Meow Oct. 31, 2016
      "Taking away guns completely is not the answer. It'll limit our right to bear arms, and/or hunt. It'll make many people angry, start riots/protests, and cause more people to find ways to illegally use and manufacture guns.

      What we NEED is more in control and stricter laws for guns. We need a way to provide gun use without the fear of illegal use."
  • -45 +17 -62 Zendaya Dec. 16, 2015
    "We should have gun control because my family is running out."
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    • +2 +2 0 Savage&M Jan. 16, 2017
      "If your family is running out due to gun violence alone, I suggest you take that up with the police."
    • +2 +2 0 renee Jan. 16, 2017
      "Nice try Zendaya!"
  • -47 +25 -72 unknown Dec. 4, 2015
    "if you think having a gun helps you in any way your dumb. What if you have a gun but someone makes you mad well then *bang*bang you just shot someone stupid"
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    • +8 +8 0 con gun control Feb. 20, 2016
      "How is that a valid point, if you know what you are doing with your gun, that will not happen."
  • -52 +22 -74 Lesley Dec. 14, 2015
    "No one should bear guns, acording to an article 5 women are murdered every day on United States. Should we let this happen? NO!!!????????????"
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    • +7 +8 -1 con gun conrol Feb. 20, 2016
      "Than more women should know how to protect themselves. I am a women, so this cannot be deemed sexist."
    • +5 +5 0 anonamos Sep. 7, 2016
      "its not the gun that hurts the person its the shooter pulling the trigger"
  • -62 +26 -88 Robert Otts Oct. 2, 2015
    "I'm not for complete gun control, but I do believe it is time
    to put in place gun control for handguns and assult weapons. We don't need handguns, the only people who need handguns are police and security. And you sure don't need assult rifles to hunt bambi and others animals."
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    • +6 +6 0 charles Nov. 5, 2015
      "Except you need handguns for whenever you're walking down the street and someone points a gun on you to rob you."
    • +3 +4 -1 t.t. Nov. 7, 2015
      "Look at the person next to you and wonder if they are armed, You are afraid to look at them or say anything to them for fear that they will shoot you. This is a scary world out there now."
  • -135 +33 -168 L.W.GeerJr. Sep. 2, 2015
    "Guns should only be allowed for military and police. NO ONE ELSE."
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    • +20 +25 -5 Aria Oct. 7, 2015
      "Try saying that when someone busts in your house and tries to kill you."
    • +17 +22 -5 James murray Oct. 30, 2015
      "You couldn't be more wrong."
    • +16 +20 -4 luke Nov. 6, 2015
      "that is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard"
    • +14 +17 -3 Ryan Dukes Nov. 24, 2015
      "You obviously don't live in a place where it would take 30 minutes for the police to get to your house."
    • +3 +3 0 Meow Oct. 31, 2016
      "+L.W.GeerJr. That would just create more social injustice. It'll create an imbalance between military and civilians. The military would have so much more power over other people outside of the military; which could start riots, and even possible civil wars within our country.
      Banning them completely wouldn't help either. People would find a way to illegally use and manufacture them.
      I agree that our gun control should be stricter and more under control."
    • +2 +3 -1 Nicholas T. Nov. 7, 2016
      "So bud you support Hitler and his ways of governing a country thank you Mr. L.W.GeerJr."
    • +1 +5 -4 Unknown Jan. 19, 2016
      "That's what happened in Soviet Russia they disarmed their citizens and promised them safety and then proceeded to
      Starve and kill their own people!"
    • 0 0 0 Nick Oct. 17, 2017
      "okay so let me get this straight, you want to give all of our countries power to the government? I believe there is a name for that it is called Martial Law sorry but i'd rather not live in a 3rd world country."
    • -16 +5 -21 L.W. Nov. 9, 2015
      "Hopefully all of gun owners lock yours up unloaded and out of sight. Children in the home, there should not be any guns anywhere near that home. Use you common sense people !!!"
    • -30 +3 -33 abe Nov. 7, 2015
      "True, If the military and police were the only ones with weapons, this world would be a much safer place."

CON (no) Comments (85)

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  • +141 +239 -98 R. J. Nelson Jun. 19, 2015
    "Detroit has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, and also the second highest murder rate. It's the same with Chicago and many other cities; there is direct correlation between the strictness of the laws and crime rates, and that's a fact. If we illegalize guns, then the law-abiding citizens will no longer have them as means of protection, whereas criminals, regardless, will find ways to illegally obtain guns. It's true that a lot of tragic accidents can occur with the presence of more guns, but is the government really going to take away my right to bear arms because somebody else forgot to lock the door to his safe? Don't punish the good people of the United States by taking away their ability to defend themselves, simply because some people make poor decisions, because that will always be the case. In doing so, the government will be subjecting U.S. families, schools, and communities to much greater risk."
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    • +8 +15 -7 Anonymous Nov. 9, 2015
      "I agree very strongly. Not only would they be putting those people in danger, but there are already laws for gun control, and if criminals or other citizens of the U.S. break those laws we have today in the first place, why will making more laws be any different for the people who break them anyway? If anything, it will enable them more to break the law. The reason we have laws is to keep us safe, but having strict gun control laws could backfire in any individual community. Not including the fact that the people who do abide by the laws of the United States will be put at risk, just like it was said above."
    • +5 +6 -1 @JT Feb. 2, 2016
      "We would still have to protect our homes. Criminals wouldn't exactly follow gun laws."
    • +3 +5 -2 @ J.T Nov. 3, 2016
      "Your logic is flawed, you have no back up or actual proof. Imagine if you have a stalker, they know where your gun is and have taken it to use against you and your family. How will you protect yourself then. A backup plan is always needed, relying so heavily on a weapon is disturbing and so is your 'all I need a gun' attitude. You should maybe try something casual like a bat or a knife, also, people can kill with a bat just like a gun. Which means according to your logic- all you need is a piece of wood to protect yourself."
    • +2 +2 0 R. J. Nelson Feb. 22, 2017
      "Go ahead Victor!!"
    • +2 +2 0 victor Feb. 22, 2017
      "can I use this in one of my debates"
    • 0 +2 -2 George T. Feb. 15, 2017
      "And I am wondering why you can't just hire more police officers and increase the visibility and safety by trained people who are aware of the situation and that's their job. Since somebody is dying out of it is obviously not a solution. If you need to be more convinced about this subject go and find people who had their family members shot and see how they feel about it."
    • -17 +3 -20 J.T. Nov. 9, 2015
      "If the guns are controlled, then we won't have to worry about protecting our homes, Most accidents with guns are against family members anyhow."
  • +54 +111 -57 Darren Jul. 17, 2015
    "No, if anything we need to roll back the gun control that exists. Background checks don't reduce crime rates. After all 95% of the declines from background checks are mistakes

    Guns aren't the problem, social dynamics are. solve those problems & crime goes virtually goes away. Where I live outside of Philadelphia we have many guns & hunters but no murders since 1997. Obviously, it's not about having guns around."
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    • -2 +2 -4 Benotte Saddia Apr. 11, 2016
      "And where did you get this information from?"
  • +38 +85 -47 Landen Sennett Sep. 29, 2015
    "I live in Arizona. I have seen what guns can do. Even recently, there has been a man shooting at people on the I10. That's pretty scary. I can see why some people might think gun control is a good idea. Here are some huge reasons why it is a bad idea. Some families rely heavily on their guns. They go hunting and their main source of food is what they bring back. Britain decided that it would be a good idea to take away our guns so we could not defend our selves from their tyranny. Just because there are gun control laws in place does not mean that no one can find a gun. If you have the intent to kill someone, do you really think you care about breaking more laws. Also, if you can't get a hold on a gun. you could use something as simple as a kitchen knife. Are we going to ban those? I need to eat and I won't be happy if that happened. Gun control doesn't prevent crime. Guns actually support families. Taking away guns is one of the reasons that our founding fathers fought against Great Britain. It seems clear to me that gun control is a very bad idea."
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    • -2 0 -2 unknown Nov. 28, 2016
      "I agree that the laws should be more strict, but guns shouldn't be taken away completely. I also know what guns can do to a person, but as long as we make it towards the citizen has to take a security test before obtaining the gun, then we should be fine. It should be towards no one can sell their own guns without it being a licensed person."
  • +26 +83 -57 mjdibois Jun. 22, 2015
    "People don't understand that the true purpose of the 2nd amendment was to prevent government tyranny. If the population is armed there is little likely hood of a government turning its power against it's own people. In places like Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia the first thing that is taken away from the public is their guns. Much like most liberals and president Obama would like to do to us. Now the backdoor effort is to make ammo so inaccessable or expensive that no one can afford to buy it or better yet the government buys up all the ammo so civilians have no access to it. Sorry you socialists... I already have my ammo and guns.
    Besides trying to remove 350 million guns from our country would require a violation of the constitution. You would have to get armed troops to go door to door and confiscate the guns...If we can't move 15 million illegal aliens across the border how are we going to confiscate 300 million guns? We have too many gun control laws in this country that aren't being enforced now. Why do we need more? Enforce the ones we already have!"
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  • +23 +41 -18 t-rex Mar. 11, 2016
    "no matter what you do there are still things to kill with like wood steaks, hand crafted swords, knifes, vehicles, forks, spoons, pencils, all that stuff is things we need kind of like guns we need them to hunt for our food if we didnt have them we wouldnt be able to have meats for dinner. then how would we get meat, grind up chicken and say its steak.
    when we have no gun left we will have to use spears for hunting but then there will be people killing with those too
    and you wouldnt be able to catch the guy who murdered
    so then you wont be saving people you would actually be losing family friends and local citezens faster than with guns"
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  • +21 +42 -21 gunslinger Feb. 9, 2016
    "if someone brakes into your house armed than you can use a gun to defend yourself."
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    • +1 +1 0 Tim Jan. 6, 2017
      "Yes yes"
  • +21 +46 -25 Audrey C. Jan. 15, 2016
    "WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, if people out there cant handle it then they should have that privilege taken from them. They shouldn't ruin it for everyone else."
    1250 characters left
  • +21 +49 -28 me Dec. 14, 2015
    "Anyone that thinks gun control is the answer to the killing that is going on is wrong! Nothing will change until parents start teaching there children right from wrong!!"
    1250 characters left
    • -1 +2 -3 Ten-nin Dec. 6, 2016
      "It 's too late for that. Adults all across the US have already been corrupted by the sick and twisted lies from certain government agencies."
  • +19 +29 -10 country kid 3.0 Mar. 17, 2016
    "iv just taken my hunters safety test and ive learned alot of useful information to be a safe weapon holder"
    1250 characters left
  • +19 +29 -10 YM Feb. 16, 2016
    "How else are we supposed to protect are selves? How are we to hunt? No matter how hard people will try to pass greater gun control laws it will be then same thing as banning kitchen knifes, yes people use that to kill other people. Just stop trying if you are the one trying to do something about it. Read comments above, they are really good."
    1250 characters left
  • +18 +29 -11 Jaz High Mar. 14, 2016
    "Guns allow people to protect their homes if a thief breaks into their house with a dangerous weapon. Messing with these laws can make burglary more common since people don't have as good weapons to use to defend their selves."
    1250 characters left
  • +18 +53 -35 elise james Nov. 2, 2015
    "If you take all the guns away,the good will be defenseless against the evil doing. This summer in Texas,a veteran convention was held. A group of terrorist stopped in front of them.The closest one to the door was 5 feet from the van(the van was 50 yards away from the door). Everyone had a gun and only one person was harmed(and it was a graze)and every terrorist was killed on the spot. Each terrorist had about 60 bullets in them.Think what would happen if they didn't have guns for the veterans. The bad guys will always have guns.Plus if they can't get guns they are going to hurt us with something else. Knives are killers too, are they going to try to take them away as well? It's only people who live behind a desk and eat bon-bons that haven't gone out into the real world thinks that we need no guns for the people."
    1250 characters left
  • +17 +32 -15 countrykid3.0 Mar. 9, 2016
    "what would happen if we had no guns and the other military forces came in and shot us we would have no weapons to defend ourself or maybe cops who just wanted to be a cop for a gun maybe you gun control people should think on that"
    1250 characters left
  • +15 +32 -17 Mani Jan. 21, 2016
    "if we pass gun control laws what will stop criminals from getting gun we as citizen will just not have anything to defend ourselves with and this is coming from a 12 year old"
    1250 characters left
    • +3 +3 0 con gun control Feb. 20, 2016
      "I completely agree, as another 12 year old"
    • +2 +2 0 a person Feb. 9, 2017
      "i mean, its illegal to murder people, people still do that. what will stop them from getting the guns illegally then? also this is coming from a 13 year old ;b"
    • 0 0 0 anonymous Oct. 7, 2017
      "you, my friend, are a wise person no twelve-year-old I've met has ever said anything about our right to keep and bear arms most adults say PRO anti-gun"
  • +14 +22 -8 countrykid3.0 Mar. 18, 2016
    "i thought it was the peoples right to bear arms"
    1250 characters left
    • +3 +3 0 damien Aug. 31, 2016
      "It is the right to bear arms you are totally correct."
    • 0 0 0 dood Jul. 7, 2017
      "yep so the government is trying too take away our rights"
  • +13 +28 -15 legalman Jan. 21, 2016
    "Gun Control is too much of a political ploy and failing. Politicians talks about the need to increase gun restrictions to stop gun crime, but new and current gun laws are design to fail in order to allow certain people to own them and disenfranchise others."
    1250 characters left
  • +12 +26 -14 Samuel B Feb. 17, 2016
    "im against gun control gun control for many reasons im going to share two with you. If you are for gun control i hope i change your mind.
    1) "may 9th 2013 48% of convicted felons surveyed avoided committing crimes when they knew the victim was armed with a gun." And Wayne Lapierre executive president president of the NRA stated "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."
    2) of we let the government take away our guns that could result in government tyranny. It could be Hitler all over again! one of his quotes is "To conquer a nation, First disarm its citizens."
    i hope i changed your mind if you where for gun control with what i wrote?...typed?...Whatever. And no offence but like Mani said this is coming from a middle schooler.
    Hope you liked this."
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 con gun control Feb. 20, 2016
      "Most educated youth have more valuable opinions than uneducated adults. I am also in middle school."
  • +10 +19 -9 bobjoe Mar. 18, 2016
    "We don't gun control because if you are being raped what are you going to do NOTHING thats right we need to protect our selves and not have gun control"
    1250 characters left
  • +10 +37 -27 Soundwave Jan. 4, 2016
    "More people were killed by hammers last year than guns. Just saying."
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 ANON May. 18, 2017
      "alright were going on hammer control"
  • +9 +13 -4 ygkg Mar. 18, 2016
    "people who dont have guns think that their big bad and scary so no one else can have them but to me thats a source of help to my family"
    1250 characters left
  • +9 +42 -33 James Murray Oct. 30, 2015
    "No there shouldnt be any more gun control in this country, its our right to bear are arms"
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +4 -2 Amy Nov. 22, 2016
      "It's not our right to take people's lifes ."
  • +8 +9 -1 a smart person Feb. 9, 2017
    "blaming guns for killing people is like blaming the ice cream for making you fat, when YOU are the one who keeps buying it from the store over and over. the problem isn't the guns, its the criminals with them. they decide to pull the trigger. also, murdering people is illegal, that doesn't stop criminals from killing people, so criminals would still get these guns illegally, and people who actually OBEY the laws wouldn't have as good guns to protect themselves. llike a criminal with a assault rifle gotten illegally goes up against a guy with a revolver, which holds less bullets, doesn't shoot as fast, and is not as powerful as an assault rifle. guns aren't responsible for killing. they cant get up on their own and say "man, I want to kill someone today!" its the person who uses the gun who decides to kill innocent people, to decide to pull the trigger, to decide to illegally get guns and murder, it is not the guns. it is the person who decides to use them irresponsibly."
    1250 characters left
  • +8 +17 -9 am nfs, Mar. 10, 2016
    "i care about our right to bear arms those new laws about guns should not even be aloud"
    1250 characters left
  • +8 +19 -11 countrykid3.0 Mar. 8, 2016
    "gun control means more people getting shot because people get mad at the people who want gun control . so those people are being shot by the others who want their guns for hunting protection and happiness. and the people who shoot others because of what they think should at least try and get help on anger managment"
    1250 characters left
  • +8 +18 -10 D. P. MtB. Ott Feb. 29, 2016
    "Personally I despise firearms; I absolutely hate them, I wish they did not exist. But I am also absolutely opposed to gun "control", because firearms do exist and there is no way to control them, all that legislation can do is take firearms away from people who obey laws, there is no way whatsoever that a law can take guns out of the hands of those who wish to use them to kill, a law cannot take guns away from those that break laws. Therefor I will teach my kids as my dad taught me; I will teach my kids how to use, clean, assemble, care for, load and repair guns; I will also teach my kids, as my dad taught me, how to produce their own ammunitions', their own custom rounds and even how to make their own guns. But most importantly I will teach my kids (as my dad taught me) to respect guns, to never use a gun in anger, to never use a gun on another human being unless it is in the defense of their lives or the lives of others."
    1250 characters left
  • +7 +16 -9 AJ brogan Mar. 10, 2016
    "I think we should leave it all alone and not try to change what has already happened. We need to be able to fight back if any of those cases do indeed happen and if it is hard to receive weapons those who are bad will still end up getting them. Yet, if we allow only militia certified officers to use guns that would be effective. then, bad people would use knives; or even other weapons that would hurt more. If we did do anything to change the second amendment we would end up with even worse outcomes."
    1250 characters left
  • +7 +18 -11 bill bob nelson Mar. 1, 2016
    "You should be allowed to own guns if you haven't committed a crime."
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +2 0 someone Feb. 22, 2017
      "bro u just defined gun control..."
  • +7 +18 -11 con gun control Feb. 20, 2016
    "Con gun control just has a more valid argument, just look how the reasons are longer, and as of right now, so are our comments!"
    1250 characters left
  • +7 +25 -18 Meghan K Jan. 15, 2016
    "No i do not think that there should be more gun control, if you don't want a gun don't own a gun. Or you could just move somewhere were they have more gun control. Someone who might be mentally or psychically ill get possession of a gun could get out of control so if others have a gun the they will be able to protect themselves."
    1250 characters left
  • +6 +14 -8 pablo Oct. 13, 2016
    "a gun is powerful thing that cant speak for itself"
    1250 characters left
  • +6 +12 -6 Shuber Sep. 23, 2016
    "Who can possibly be naive enough to think that having more rules, more laws, policies, guns for 'protection' (illusion), more 'gun control legislation, more police, more militant aggression would stop terror. It won't whatsoever!

    Are we going to try to control pressure cookers, axes, hammers, anything a lunatic could use to do bad deeds?

    This has turned into irrational paranoia. Public announcements: "Be aware [wary] of your surroundings" "Report suspicious activity". "Report unattended bags or parcels". I wonder what this tells visitors to this country.

    No matter how many laws, regulations, ordinances, etc. 'lawmakers' can dream up, bad people are going to do bad things.

    Background checks may weed out some bad apples, but obviously we can't delude ourselves that this would create world peace.

    Some people right now are not willing, or may not even be ready to take responsibility for their own lives, much less that of the health of our planet.

    We've all been adding fuel to the flame.

    If we all make the effort to improve our moral character (and it will indeed take considerable effort for many), perhaps there would be no need for excessive rules, laws, regulations, etc."
    1250 characters left
  • +6 +26 -20 Josh Glass Jan. 8, 2016
    "Criminals do not follow gun laws, obviously. Enacting laws against citizens having guns would mean that only criminals have weapons. There would be no way for ordinary citizens to defend themselves. Please, to all these people agreeing with gun laws, explain to me more about how criminals follow laws."
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 countrykid3.0 Mar. 9, 2016
      "they don't and the states think that if they get put in jail they will learn to not kill others"
  • +5 +7 -2 John Smith Feb. 13, 2017
    "Universal background checks don't do anything the laws on our books already cover. You can't make someone go to a gun store to transfer a gun, all it allows you to do is arrest them after the crime if they are in illegal possession of a gun, which there are already laws federally that allow this.

    Assault weapons bans would infringe on too many sporting events including 3 Gun competitions where AR15s, shotguns, and pistols are used. It isn't just skeet and trap.

    Banning "high capacity magazines" aka standard capacity magazines would only lead to someone having to reload, which takes all of about 3 seconds. That is not enough time to tackle someone like many claim.

    Even with the laws on the books where it's ALREADY illegal for many criminals to own a gun, they still have guns. Criminals get their guns in three ways. The most common is through straw purchases, where they send someone to the gun store to buy a gun for them where they have to pass a background check, so another bg check would do nothing. The second is they steal their guns, it doesn't matter how good of a safe you have if someone wants it they'll steal it. The third way is the black market, and they get on the black market from ways 1 and 2."
    1250 characters left
  • +5 +29 -24 Chase Jan. 7, 2016
    "Why are we even talking about this. People need to get over the fact that people have guns. A lot of people have guns and you may not even know it because they don't show everyone. Although there are tons of reasons why we should get rid of guns, but they are excuses. There are reasons to keep them out of the wrong hands, but there is almost no way we can do that. As the second amendment says, we have a right to bare arms. If we can't get guns the way we do now, bad people will just get them off the black market."
    1250 characters left
  • +4 +14 -10 MMMMMMMMEEEEEEE Sep. 28, 2016
    "Guns don't kill people, people do."
    1250 characters left
  • +3 +3 0 BKBIRD May. 8, 2017
    "After the attack on Pearl Harbor a Japanese Admiral quoted, "We cannot invade mainland America. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.""
    1250 characters left
  • +3 +4 -1 Arya S. Kaushik Mar. 18, 2017
    "This is madness. I believe strongly that gun violence is not the guns fault. It is the people who chose to make the poor decisions and carry on causing terror and chaos in this country. Will stricter gun laws help? Of course not, in fact it would boost the people to want to own a gun even more therefore boosting crime rate. Mexico is a great example of this. With its almost 11500 gun murders a year, it only had 1 legal gun store and strict government regulations yer the common people in Mexico own over 15000000 guns combined."
    1250 characters left
  • +3 +7 -4 Nick Davis Jan. 24, 2017
    "Personally, I think there should be no more gun laws than there already is. Many people on the other side of the argument think that the guns are the problem, they are dead wrong. A gun is an object that does not think, or act. The people behind the guns that abuse their right are the problem, its the same situation it has been for eternity. We have seen how this is gone with prohibition, if we try to remove this right or add petty laws to our gun rights more and more people will still make, buy, sell, and use guns. When I see a person with a concealed and carry in a public place, I feel just as safe and if not more safe than i was before. The people who go around robbing people and businesses and killing in cold blood are mostly never these people. Most gun owners who are responsible have lived their lives around gun safety and do not abuse their power. America was built off of citizens owning guns and it is our god given right to own as many legal guns as we please, they help us save lives, hunt for food, sport and many other responsible reasons. We should leave our gun rights alone."
    1250 characters left
  • +3 +10 -7 Hayes Oct. 31, 2016
    "I am an avid owner of guns some ranging from RPG's to AK-47's. I have never had the thought run through my brain to want to kill somebody. Down in the 919s we love to hunt and hang. We love to make money by hunting and is a big source of income in my family. God Bless America and long live Trump."
    1250 characters left
  • +3 +21 -18 Ryan L. Jan. 15, 2016
    "If guns are taken away, what would you do if someone broke in and tried to kill you in your sleep. This would be the worst thing to do. People need guns to survive."
    1250 characters left
    • -2 0 -2 ?? Ten-nin Dec. 5, 2016
      "There is actually a thing called martial arts. I've heard people can use martial arts to stop another person from harming them."
  • +3 +21 -18 robert u Jan. 15, 2016
    "i think there should not be gun laws. i think america should have guns it seems fair. if we don't have guns we wouldn't be aloud to fight in wars or fight off Isis."
    1250 characters left
    • -1 0 -1 Ten-nin Dec. 6, 2016
      "The public military, ultimately, will always have access to weaponry so long as it stands."
  • +3 +21 -18 Christian Jan. 12, 2016
    "To purchase a gun you have to have a license, an I.D., &/or a background check. At gun shows you have to have your license, and your I.D. I'm a hunter, & the government will have to pry my guns out of my cold dead fingers to get them.????????"
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 Hannah Nov. 25, 2016
      "same! guns are just as much a part of some peoples lives as breathing"
  • +3 +35 -32 commun outdoorsman Nov. 18, 2015
    "If you grow up in a house hold that has firearms you will learn that they are used only for hunting, sport, and protection. if you grow up in a house hold that doesnt have any firearms then you learn to fear them and what they can do. Exapmle, If a man goes hunting and provides food for his family this way should we deny that family food just because some idiot halfway across the country shot someone, no that is because some know the difference between right and wrong, and what is dangerous and what is not. if someone gets shot and killed everyone thinks that guns are horrible and dangerous, but if someone gets stabbed or beat to death eveyone thinks that it was the man doing the stabbing or beating, now does that make any sense. in my eyes it doesnt matter about the weapon, it matters about the person holding it"
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +2 0 Rachel Apr. 28, 2017
    "Imagine you live in the country, and the nearest police station is a 45 minute drive away. Now, imagine that your family is sleeping inside, and there is an intoxicated man coming in with an illegal gun. With strict gun regulations, you wouldn't be able to have a gun. You obeyed the law and got a gun legally. The person who came in got a gun illegally. With these gun regulations, you'd be dead before the police got there. You'd think: How dare you not let me defend my family. You'd rather me die here than have a gun in the case of self defense?"
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +3 -1 a smart person Feb. 22, 2017
    "a lot of people rely on guns to feed their families via hunting, weather it be selling game, eating game, both, etc. if gun control is passed, it will be a lot harder if not impossible to hunt. also, if you are hunting, you cant kill a bear or a deer with a wimpy little handgun. you would need bigger guns like a high powered rifle, or a shotgun. people fear guns much more than knives, and knives are often regarded as "survival tools," when knives kill at least 2x more people per year than guns do! also, there are more deaths by vending machines each year than by shark attacks. people are afraid of sharks, and not afraid of vending machines. most gather that shark attacks are rare from this. so is gun deaths. there are more gun deaths by suicide by anything else! you don't see suicide being illegalized. granted, most people will argue against suiciding, but you get my point. in conclusion, gun control is a horrible idea. I REST MY CASE."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +5 -3 david m. Feb. 15, 2017
    "No, Guns are protecting people everyday. We need to take away guns from people like thugs etc. people want to ban them because they hear on the news that people are getting shot well it is ether a justified shooting to be safe of thugs shooting each other."
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +5 -3 Austin Feb. 2, 2017
    "I say less gun control because it is not the gun that is doing it the person is"
    1250 characters left
  • +2 +14 -12 Hayes Oct. 24, 2016
    "I think if Donald Trump gets office we can have all the guns we want."
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +2 -1 ?? Ten-nin Dec. 5, 2016
      "He'll most likely run America like 1 of his businesses, all of which have failed miserably."
    • -1 0 -1 Molon labe Jan. 22, 2017
      "Or his outward hate will get us nuked..."
  • +2 +9 -7 commonsenseguy:) Oct. 18, 2016
    "Has anyone noticed that there are 2X more cons???"
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +2 0 Meow Oct. 31, 2016
      "There may be more comments but that doesn't mean they have more effect on the people reading them."
    • +1 +1 0 ?? Ten-nin Dec. 5, 2016
      "The number of cons doesn't mean much. I could span 3,000 comments in the pro side, but does that make the pro side better? Probably not if they're all spam."
  • +2 +10 -8 damien hughes Aug. 31, 2016
    "Gun control is bad for all communities and the wellbeing of others. It will make everyone more"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +1 0 NYC Oct. 4, 2017
    "Look at Chi Towns gun control laws. Still got a lot of deaths. It's not laws that will help, it's keeping your finger off the trigger."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +1 0 Dan Willson Oct. 4, 2017
    "At 85 and a gun owner all my life this is reality,,
    People kill people a gun has no self control does not kill anything.
    Cars kill more people than a gun both used by people.
    SO.... ban autos and I will gladly help ban guns.
    Drowning also kill more people than guns. Make it ileagle to be in water.
    How about cancer, you get it the ban says you pill
    I am not nuts all above is not controlled so which is more important which shall we outlaw..."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +1 0 Gustavo D. Oct. 2, 2017
    "This is a trully horrible decision, we have a gun ban here in Brazil, each year we get more violence, the only guns that are controlled are the guns owned by good people, our bandits still got guns, the murderers still got guns, everyone else have to rely on pure luck to survive as even the police has to "control" themselves" to not commit "police brutality""
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +3 -2 Matt Apr. 9, 2017
    "Gun control by definition is a violation of the second amendment. "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed''. If more people had guns the world would be a safer place. Good people die when they can't defend themselves. Criminals wouldn't obey any gun control laws, that's why they are criminals. I wish that the teachers in my school and other schools had guns in the classrooms, that would not only protect themselves and the kids but would help deter the people who thought about shooting up those areas. An argument I hear people try to make a lot is just call the police and my answer is very simple. Lets say it takes police 1 minute to get to you, now that is faster than reality in most cases but we'll use it. the scenario, you are being held at gunpoint, what do you do? Tell the attacker to wait one second so you can call the police? That will never work. If you cannot defend yourself bad guys will prey off of that. Now if you choose not to use your right that is your business, but do not tell law abiding citizens they cannot defend themselves and their loved ones.Also If the government becomes corrupt the people have the right to overthrow/abolish that government and make a new.They need to be able to"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +8 -7 Amy Dec. 12, 2016
    "I think we don't need to take all the guns away, due to that it's the people causing the problems, not guns. We should be sending more people to jail for their doings, not guns. We are the ones controlling the guns and what they do, not itself. If we shot it's us, not the guns doing it. We are the ones who make the choices of shooting people on the streets and in schools, cars, buildings, e.t.d. We need to control ourselves. We are just the people who have one."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +13 -12 Jay Oct. 26, 2016
    "We don't need more laws at all, because it does on help to reduce gun-related criminals.The bad guys always have way to get firearms,they are not fucking care what the laws stipulate,they just want to get some weapons to armed themselves.
    To me guns aren't the tools which is used to harm others,they're Defensive Weapons and Sports Equipment.Shooting is my favorite sports,a perfect sport rifle is necessity,I don't want a air rifle,that's not accurate at all."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +12 -11 Chuck Steinell Sep. 9, 2016
    "Gun Control is a nice sound but the details can never be agreed upon. What is "gun control" and why isn't the control we have currently enough? Any proposed legislation should be required to demonstrate a direct, measurable and verifiable link to a reduction in its proposed benefit. Not "feel good" statements that have no truth or verifiability in them but a clear and compelling measurable benefit. After all, we are speaking of a fundamental right and restricting it. For those who support "gun control", I would ask them if they would restrict cars because there are drunk driving deaths everyday. I would ask them to demonstrate the consistency in their logic, particularly since car ownership is not a fundamental and protected right."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +19 -18 bruh Feb. 17, 2016
    "more gun control would make the world a bad place"
    1250 characters left
    • +2 +2 0 ?? Ten-nin Dec. 5, 2016
      "That's why there are so many gun related homicides and suicides in places like Japan... No gun control at all."
    • 0 0 0 Amy Dec. 12, 2016
      "Yes, but as well it's the people who start it."
  • +1 +18 -17 BeeBoy Feb. 16, 2016
    "We should have guns. "Detroit has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, and also the second highest murder rate. As i said, We should have guns!!!"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +17 -16 Christian Jan. 22, 2016
    "If you take guns away from law abiding citizens there will be all out war in the U.S. The criminals will continue to get their guns illegally and I don't think that I would like to be unable to get my gun out of its holster before someone shoots me because I don't have my gun"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +19 -18 Brandon B Jan. 15, 2016
    "there should not be gun control because if they take our guns, then intruders try to intrude we would not be able to fight back. Terrorists such as isis finds out we don't have guns they will attack us because they would know that we don't have guns to fight them off."
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +25 -24 Paul Dec. 23, 2015
    ""If, all the cows and deer and goats and sheep, outlaw fangs and claws, exactly how do they convince the lions and tigers and bears and wolves to agree?" - Ray Bornert"
    1250 characters left
  • +1 +42 -41 larry Gordon Jun. 19, 2015
    "No!! If the preacher & any of the parishioners had guns @ the Charleston church would that punk been able to kill the 9 people? I don't think so! I think also that from now on armed security guards should be posted in most if not all churches!"
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 Ten-nin Dec. 6, 2016
      "It probably would have ended with more getting caught up in the cross fire. The shooter probably would have grabbed somebody as a meat shield. It's not that hard to create a situation where more people are in danger if there are more guns. It's actually pretty easy, especially if you hold people hostage as meat shields."
  • 0 +4 -4 notarepost Feb. 22, 2017
    """If, all the cows and deer and goats and sheep, outlaw fangs and claws, exactly how do they convince the lions and tigers and bears and wolves to agree?" - Ray Bornert""
    1250 characters left
  • -1 +3 -4 Emma Mar. 29, 2017
    "There are many good reasons of why gun control is good. Because with out gun control there would be lots of bad things happening. For example with out gun control laws there would non reduced gun deaths. Meaning that there would be more gun deaths. Also they will be more likely not to be used for self - defense. And lastly the second amendment is not unlimited with there rights of a gun. First of all I think that there should be a old enough to handle a gun. And that gun control has been around just as old or older than the second amendment. So it should be more controlled now then, it was then. Another reason is that with out gun control laws the reduced gun death is going to get higher. But if there is a sure understanding of the gun control laws the gun death is going to get lower. It's getting higher because in 1999 over 464,033 people were killed because of there not being gun control. This is really bad because with out gun control there is going to be even more people getting killed. Also meaning that it's going to get worst. Lastly if there is no gun control people are rarely use there gun as self defense. In 1999-2007 29,618,300 crimes were committed because there was no gun control."
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 Matt Apr. 9, 2017
      "Correction there, 29,618,300 crimes were committed because good people who followed the nonsense called gun control couldn't stop the bad people doing wrong to them, their property, and their loved ones"
  • -2 +20 -22 John Smith Jan. 27, 2016
    "People who think that gun control is good is crazy. Guns help you get duck meat, venison, elk meat is all possible with guns. Yes for the bad people who use the guns for bad is part of it but no matter what they would somehow find out how to get guns. It is a BIG INDUSTRY in Mexico with unmarked and remade guns. So that means that means that they would be armed to the teeth with guns. And we would be hung up to dry with none. So what's the point of gun control if criminals would be getting guns no matter what."
    1250 characters left
  • -2 +19 -21 A Jan. 15, 2016
    "Gun violence is not out of control 320 million people live in the US 5 10 even 20 deaths from guns is not a reason to get rid of all guns and while law abiding citizens would lose there guns or there protection criminals or gang members would simply hide theirs or buy them off the black market now a life is a life and its terrible that one is lost people will die."
    1250 characters left
  • -3 +21 -24 Gary S Jan. 25, 2016
    "One good reason for NO. When has the government ever given back. They just keep taking more and more. This is what will happen with gun rights. Chip away a little at a time until there is nothing left. Just like our wallets..."
    1250 characters left
  • -3 +32 -35 Charles Nov. 5, 2015
    "when other countries tried passing gun control laws, their gun violence rates went up by a lot."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 ?? Ten-nin Dec. 5, 2016
      "In places like Japan, there was, and still is, no debate or violence over gun control."
  • -4 +7 -11 jonathan Dec. 8, 2016
    "less gun laws are good"
    1250 characters left
  • -4 +7 -11 Rad Repubican Sep. 7, 2016
    "Gun control should not be allowed because it is not the un that killed it is the man using the gun. During WWII the japs attacked Hawaii instead of the mainland. The Japanese General stated that they would not attack the mainland because there would be children, women, and men with military weapons. We must keep the Second Amendment alive."
    1250 characters left
  • -4 +11 -15 Vanessa M. Feb. 21, 2016
    "We only need gun control for idiots out there that decide murder is fun and an option for getting what they want. We DO NOT need the government in our business and they need to STAY out of it. Guns should be used for hunting and safety. I hunt and I have guns but they are safe and sound with locks and more locks. We need to teach about safety of the gun, especially to our children. Guns don't kill people, people kill people and with what? A gun! The criminals will get a hold of a gun however strict they make the laws. They don't care one way or another about the laws, obviously. People we need common sense and making the government get more control is crazy. What ever happen to "We the people?" We have rights and we need to stand tall and fight for them and speak out!"
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  • -5 +8 -13 ucgos; May. 20, 2016
    "its stupid"
    1250 characters left
    • 0 +1 -1 Paul May. 23, 2016
      "no it's not"
  • -5 +17 -22 Unknown Jan. 15, 2016
    "We don't need gun control, we need it to be harder to buy guns and more of a challenge to buy guns for other people. People use guns for hunting and self protection most people mean well with guns an don't want to kill or injure people they just want to hunt or protect their family."
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    • +3 +3 0 Meow Oct. 31, 2016
      "Well, while you say that, people are being murdered because of improper use of a gun. True, it's not he gun responsible but the person behind it but still, people are dying because of it. If we could crack down on more gun control, that would alleviate some of the causes of death, then we could focus on the other problems causing damage to our communities."
  • -6 +33 -39 CC Oct. 7, 2015
    "I don't think we should have gun control because our guns protect us if we are ever in danger. I read a meme that said "Gun Laws? Really, tell me more about how criminals follow the law?" and it is true"
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  • -7 +19 -26 tristan Dec. 11, 2015
    "Gun control laws will begin protests between lawmakers and responsible shooters"
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  • -7 +19 -26 Bruce Trewayne Dec. 8, 2015
    "1. There are already gun laws in place.
    -Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 (1968) - Prohibited interstate trade in handguns, increased the minimum age to 21 for buying handguns.
    -Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA) (1968) - Focuses primarily on regulating interstate commerce in firearms by generally prohibiting interstate firearms transfers except among licensed manufacturers, dealers and importers.
    -Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA) (1986) - Revised and partially repealed the Gun Control Act of 1968. Prohibited the sale to civilians of automatic firearms manufactured after the date of the law's passage. Required ATF approval of transfers of automatic firearms.
    -Undetectable Firearms Act (1988) - Effectively criminalizes, with a few exceptions, the manufacture, importation, sale, shipment, delivery, possession, transfer, or receipt of firearms with less than 3.7 oz of metal content.
    -Gun-Free School Zones Act (1990) - Prohibits unauthorized individuals from knowingly possessing a firearm at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is a school zone.
    And congress cannot pass a law that is unconstitutional."
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  • -7 +29 -36 Duncan McGuire Nov. 5, 2015
    "I'm so much more on the gun side. The gun doesn't kill people. People kill people. If someone shoots someone they can't just say the gun made me do it unless they are either clinically insane or dumb. They also drugs could be why they are shooting each other. They outlawed drugs and we see how that's stopping people. Honestly, I think the only thing that is going to happen is it's going to make people mad, and you don't want America angry. I think we have already proved that we will take action if we disagree on something."
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  • -8 +22 -30 Rudik Wilhelm Dec. 3, 2015
    "Our constitution states that, "a well regulated militia(a military force that is raised from the civilian population to supplement a regular army in state of emergency) being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." This is interpreted many different ways. The liberals would have it mean that military may have weapons, not civilians. But it says that the civil population may keep and bear arms and this right can't be tampered with. Yes, militia means military, but it is defined as a military made up of the general public, then trained like soldiers. But still civilians none the less. So there really can be only one true interpretation of the 2nd amendment, and that is that the people may have guns to keep for sport, sustenance and protection."
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    • -1 0 -1 Ten-nin Dec. 7, 2016
      "The original amendment doesn't formally include the part you have in parenthesis..."
  • -12 +22 -34 Collin Dec. 4, 2015
    "In every country where gun control has taken place martial law seems to follow and sometimes civil war."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Ten-nin Dec. 7, 2016
      "Unless you live in Japan where they've had gun control ever since first gaining access to guns and no martial law or civil war has happened."
  • -13 +10 -23 Olivia Feb. 19, 2016
    "Thank you for this useful information"
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  • -14 +25 -39 kim davis Dec. 8, 2015
    "I don't want that socialist, terrorist, Muslim Obama to take away my guns!!!"
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 Ten-nin Dec. 7, 2016
      "Racist comments are not a valid reason."
  • -15 +21 -36 Andy Nov. 29, 2015
    "Curious as to why the Brady wasn't re enacted due to in part the NRA. And specifically left out that the law did nothing to curb gun violence?????w"
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  • -17 +42 -59 Dan the A-K Man Jun. 19, 2015
    "Just look at the Idiotic Statement by you Dumbocrats = "I don't think any guns in the church would have dissuaded him from doing what he wanted to do right there..."= Oh so the Dem Morons think you can 'NICELY' ASK KILLERS to 'Put Down' their Guns, yeah sure..."
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    • +1 +3 -2 ttz Mar. 9, 2016
      "you dont have to be mean to the democrats who have their own opinions by calling them dumbocrats"
  • -25 +38 -63 Bill Oct. 9, 2015
    "I'll tell you what, I will be happy to support gun control when the following happens:
    1) 11 million illegal aliens are rounded up and deported and our borders are actually secured.
    2) Our elected Federal government balances the budget.
    3) Multi-generational welfare is abolished.
    4) All of the money that the Federal government has stolen from social security is returned with interest.
    5) Last but not least, the NAACP is recognized as the racist organization that it is but all Federal, State, county, and municipal governments.
    Do that and I will be happy to support gun control, don't do it and I will be prepared."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 +8 -8 Josh Glass Jan. 12, 2016
      "I agree. Gun laws aren't going to stop criminals. They would just take them away from civilians."
    • -1 +1 -2 Ten-nin Dec. 7, 2016
      "1. Illegal immigrants are somewhat of an important part of our lives, especially those from Mexico. They do all the dangerous jobs we won't do. Immigrant jobs are defined by the dangerous and back-breaking labour jobs we won't do.
      2. Agreed, I think.
      3. No opinion.
      4. It's the baby boomer generation that has been killing America and the social security, like everything else they touch.
      5. No opinion."
    • -2 +1 -3 guhh Mar. 10, 2017
      "immigrants make this place better if there were no mexicans here you wouldn't get the food.white people love mexican food they don't complain but you do complain about us."
    • -9 +6 -15 Amanda Nov. 9, 2015
      "LOL "and I will be prepared" ^ reasons why need stricter gun control laws."